Epic (2013 film) official movie posterEpic is a wonderful fantasy-adventure movie that fits right with the whole family. It is so amazingly animated, beautifully edited and smartly scripted you’ll never want to miss it in theaters.

The movie is about Mary Katherine (MK), a 17-year-old girl who has just recently reunited with her father, Doctor Bomba, a scientist obsessed in finding out small creatures that lure around a forest. M.K.’s skepticism leads her to leave, but because of unforeseen circumstances, she shrinks in size and proves for herself that her father is right all along. She wants to go home, but she’ll only be able to go back to her normal size if she helps the Leafmen, the small creatures in the forest, defeat the evil creatures called Boggans. Will she be able to help the Leafmen despite the loss of their queen plus the horrifying number of the Boggans?

Green was the highlighted color in the movie, and that comes with good reason: nature is Epic’s main theme. Hues of green in combination with yellow, white, blue and red dazzled the screen from left to right, signifying serenity that goes along with nature. Seriously, some scenes are so calming you’d want to wish they’ll stay on the screen longer. Meanwhile, shades of black, brown and grey made the dark presence of the villains felt in scenes they were in.

The movie’s pacing was just right. The audience won’t feel hurrying up or slowing down as scenes breezed through the screen. Important scenes were unsurprisingly highlighted, and yet there were also scenes that were given emphasis to convey important messages. And that’s what I liked best.

Speaking of messages, Epic might just be any parent’s favorite film as no offensive dialogue and blatant violence were shown in the story. In fact, the dialogue’s so smart the children and probably some adults were bound to learn new things and lessons about life. The dialogues of the characters were even all throughout. Even those lines that show humor didn’t fail to give it.

The voice actors in the movie were such a wonder, with the exception perhaps of a few (i.e. Beyonce voiced out the queen of the Leafmen, and I must admit I couldn’t understand what she was saying at the start.). I liked how Amanda Seyfried voiced out an endearing MK, Colin Farrell a snub Leafmen leader, Josh Hutcherson a young, easy go lucky soldier, Steven Tyler an old, wise glowworm and Christoph Waltz the leader of the Boggans.  The rest of the supporting cast was good, most especially Aziz Ansari, who voiced out the funny laid-back slug.

What could possibly be lacking in this kind of movie? Ha, it lacked a deeper explanation about everything. It would be better if a bigger background about the main characters was shown. Even motives of some were not totally clarified. Meanwhile, the movie seemed to be full of lessons in life and yet some scenes just didn’t feel like showing these lessons well. Nevertheless, the movie was fun to watch and good to the senses right from the start.

Epic movie rating by the pondering movie fan: 4 out of 5.



Fast & Furious 6

Fast and Furious 6Fast & Furious 6 was such a fantastic action movie. It was not just about fast cars, great stunts, awesome action sequences, great cast, beautifully shot scenes and awesome sound mixing. The movie’s got heart, which I didn’t really expect in this kind of film.

Would you believe that Fast and Furious 6 is the first Fast and Furious film that I was able to watch whole? I am an action film fan, but because I didn’t get to watch the first one in the franchise, I did not bother watching the others. I know some bits and parts of the story line, though. But after watching FF6, I am decided to watch the other FF installments as well to know more about the characters and their stories.

Kudos to the writers of the movie. They were able to juice out an incredible story from the plot of previous FF movies. Even though I was not very familiar with the story arcs of the previous ones, I was still able to understand and catch up with the story of FF6 as the plot was presented in a way that could easily be understood even with not a follower of the movie franchise.

Props should also be given to the powerhouse cast led by Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson. They showed great skills in doing their stunts and they made their characters believable. Meanwhile, the supporting cast was hilarious. The timing of their delivery of their lines, especially those that contain jokes and such, was really, really good. The great chemistry that Vin Diesel and his group possessed really showed onscreen, and it was something that really made the film very good and very fun to watch.

FF6 was one of the action films I’ve watched that I could consider as the best in adrenaline-pumping action scenes. There may be no other action film that’s like it. The good action sequences at the start were to be beaten by the next one, and the next one would be beaten by the next, next one. The climax, wherein the bar of suspense was so high the audience had to really stay glued onscreen to avoid regret, was definitely one-of-a-kind. Could you imagine stunts with very fast cars and insanely good drivers inside and right outside a moving airplane? You’ll be able to witness that and more when you watch the film. There was one loophole, though, that I saw during this time. The action scenes inside the airplane were lacking in motion considering the plane was moving either laterally or vertically. Or was it just me who noticed this? Oh well, that’s a small thing compared to the magnanimity of the whole climax sequences. Justin Lin, director of the film, was really, really good in what he’s doing. i’ll be on board when he still gets to direct the next sequel.

Fast and Furious 6 movie rating by the pondering movie fan: 4.5 out of 5.