Bliss Just Follows

It’s been more than six (6) years since I’ve started writing about my thoughts on movies that I watch. I wrote them all on a website called Multiply. In case you’re not familiar with it, Multiply is a social networking site that aimed people to blog, post their pictures, share music and videos and write reviews. It gained popularity before the two biggest social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, gained fame. So I don’t blame you for not knowing it.

Even when blog sites such as¬†WordPress¬†and Blogspot became popular, I didn’t stop writing blogs and reviews (basically, of movies) in Multiply. Why? Just because it’s so hard to leave the first blog site that I used. Even though I don’t blog that much there anymore (because I already have one and now, two, here in WP), post pictures since more than two years ago (I do this now in FB, thank you) and share other media contents, I continued to write reviews of the movies that I watch just because I want to. When I started writing movie reviews (right about 2nd year in college), I didn’t know it would become a habit, especially after college graduation. But I just thought of it as one way to relax. Of course, I enjoy doing what I do at work but there are also other things that I enjoy, and two of them are watching movies (let’s also add TV shows) and writing. When I put them together, it feels like bliss just follows.

Later on, I’m going to put some of the reviews that I did in Multiply here in my newest WP blog. Don’t worry, I won’t be sharing my very first movie reviews because they were not that good, not that I’m telling you my reviews now are really, really good! Hehe. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoying the reviews that I would be posting!