AnnabelleAnnabelle is a spin-off of the successful The Conjuring movies. But unlike its predecessors, its frights and scares came short. To be honest, I would say nary a real scare came out of this film. Many of the supposed scary scenes were just those jolts that you feel when you are surprised.

Annabelle is about a doll that was possessed by a female member of an occult who killed herself during a home invasion. The owners of the doll, John (a resident doctor) and Mia (who has just brought a baby daughter into the world) soon experience supernatural occurrences in their home. Even when they moved to an apartment in the city, the paranormal activities continued. They soon find out what’s causing these troubles. Heeding help from anybody they think who can help, would they be able to stop Annabelle? What are they willing to give just to protect their baby daughter?

The first part of the film is actually good. The back story is well told, and the characters are adequately developed. The scary scenes on this part could shock you a bit but you’d want to expect something more. I am a fan of horror films and I’ve seen a lot. This one I did not like. After that good first part, the story moved on without upping the suspense. I liked The Conjuring and its sequel but this supposed prequel and spin-off to those two movies is a fluke. A lot of people say that they got scared of this film and I really wonder how and why. I might have enjoyed more a repeat of the horror films that I liked watching before than watching Annabelle.

I like how the lead actors did their part (especially Annabelle Wallis as Mia) in the movie. However, no matter how they performed in Annabelle, they won’t be praised as a consequence of the film’s subpar quality. Their efforts are easily overshadowed by the fact that this movie is devoid of anything new, from the story itself up to the scare department. I can’t help but think that the decision to push thru with this spin-off is just all about the money.

If you were to watch a horror movie that’s still showing out there, avoid Annabelle at all costs. Just rent a tried and tested horror classic and watch it in the comforts of your home.

Annabelle‘s movie rating by the pondering movie fan: 2 out of 5


Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel

Kimmy_Dora_Ang_Kiyemeng_PrequelAfter watching Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel, the third Kimmy Dora film, I said to myself that I have chosen wrongly on which MMFF entry to watch first this year.  The film seemed to be okay based on the reports from the media. I’ve read that the film’s producers and stars have been saying that this film is not only good but also is the best among the three Kimmy Dora films, which, as you already know by now, is not true. For me, it just might be the worst.

Filled with humorless dialogues and uninspired delivery of these unfunny lines, Kimmy Dora 3 fails to make the audience laugh or even smile for a very long time. I caught myself trying to force a laugh after a good joke gone wrong in the delivery or a poorly written dialogue caught up in a mediocre act by the actors. It ultimately fails to recapture the charm of the original film or even the surprising quips found on the second. Eugene Domingo may have tried her best to save the film from its senseless scenes but her antics as both the utterly smart yet mean Kimmy and the somewhat slow yet kind Dora did not give any anticipatory sense to the audience. Even the good support made by Ariel Ureta (as Kimmy and Dora’s father), Angel Aquino and Joel Torre (as board members in their father’s company) did not help save the film.

What could have led the film into its own destruction? The answer: its very thin storyline. The original film, Kimmy Dora: Ang Kambal na Kiyeme, is wonderful because it introduced us to the two fascinating characters who happened to be twins in the form of Kimmy and Dora. The actors involved then were really good and the screenplay was filled with funny wisecracks and clever dialogues. The sequel, Kimmy Dora 2: The Temple of Kiyeme was a misstep because it did not make anything in the story of the twins better. It was just all flash with its heftier production values but with only just a little substance in the story department. This prequel, on the other hand, was a major mistake because it did not correct what the second film failed to do. Instead of making it big in production values while enriching the story of the twins, it made the mistake of thinning the story some more while showing its big budget with only flash once again. And what’s with the action scenes? Not that they only failed to convince the audience who was expecting to laugh because of the jokes. It made matters worse because it made the audience laugh because of the comedy behind the film trying to be an action film and ultimately failing.

May this film be a lesson to every producer out there who has made a good comedy film. Don’t make a sequel or a prequel if utterly unnecessary. Don’t make films just for the money. Make them worthwhile for the audience to see.

Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel’s movie rating by the pondering movie fan: 1 out of 5