Best TV Shows of 2013

The year 2013 brought out a lot of good TV. For sure more eyes were glued on the television to feast on shows that entertain, amuse, educate or inform. But what I am about to do now is tell you the best of the best on Philippine cable television, which regularly broadcasts American TV shows.

The year that was made me realize that we don’t need a lot of TV. I always knew that, but because I’m a hardcore TV fan, I have stacked up on shows that were deemed good. However, because I have far more important things to do (Not that I’m telling watching TV is not important. Hey, why am I writing this one right now, right?), I was only able to watch a select few in my spare time. I am narrowing down the Best of TV list into 5 (or 6 as you would know why in a while). Did your favorite make the cut?

 Best TV Shows of 2013



Masters of Sex is the best new American series to debut in the fall season. In addition to very compelling performances from its lead and supporting actors, the series boasts itself with really smart writing and great production values. One might think that this show is too hot for TV just basing on the title. It really is, but the sensual scenes are done in good taste. Moreover, what the show imparts is more than the skin. It looks into the human physiology of sex, and it dwells in the thin line work and relationships and how sex could work for or against it.

Game of Thrones Season 3

Game of Thrones reached a new height this year by surprising everyone (aside from the readers of the books where the series is based) during its The Rains of Castamere episode. That episode alone should be given commendation for being a good display of directing, acting and production skills. Moreover, I think the series is getting better and better one season after another.



The top TV show last year still made it to the list of the best this year. Touching the topic of witchcraft, the series remains as campy yet as delightful as ever. The current season may be predictable at times, but it seems like the show’s creators never seem to run out of ideas that would surprise the audience with shocking or jaw-dropping scenes week after week. Not convinced? Watch it.



The best new American series to debut last year is Hannibal (it debuted during the first half of the year). Creator Bryan Singer made sure this show sets itself apart from popular versions of the Hannibal Lecter story in both TV and movies. The reimagining he did with Hannibal creates a league on its own: dark, affecting and very beautiful. The powerful performances of the cast and the great directing cap the brilliant production values the series offers.


The Big Bang Theory Season 7

Even on its 7th season, this comedy series never ever fails to make the audiences laugh with its witty dialogues and smart storylines (I’m looking at you, Modern Family). The characters being portrayed by both lead and supporting cast are still as entertaining as ever.


Breaking Bad- The Final Season

If the year 2013 will be remembered for one television show (yes, one television show only), then it will be remembered because of Breaking Bad, the best among the best this year (or probably the best ever). Ending the series with the final eight episodes of season 5, the team behind the show made it the most suspenseful, the most compelling, the most gripping episodes for the past year. Thanks to the brilliant acting of the cast, the great directing from its roster of directors, the beautiful cinematography, the great and smart writing and good over-all production values, Breaking Bad is the best TV show of 2013.


P.S. Three of my favorite reality shows really did great this year. The Voice continues its dominance as the best singing show to grace the golden screen because of the still surprising and entertaining rounds (Audition Round, Battle Round, Knockout Round and Live Shows), great hosting being done by Carson Daly and of course, the great chemistry among its coaches. Survivor has never been as compelling as its last season for a very long time. All the contestants are a hit. Meanwhile, The Amazing Race has never produced a great season for a long time as well and the last season satisfied the fans’ hunger for a great reality racing with its awesome travel destinations and very entertaining contestants.


The Top TV Shows of 2012

It’s the 6th of January and I’m back with my Top List for 2012. This time, I’m going to write down the best television shows for me during the past year.



Even though this show has already reached its so-called glorious years, it remained to be a good show. The talents last year were great (including the Filipino-American-Mexican Jessica Sanchez); the judges, though not constantly good in judging, were amusing; and over-all production value was still high. This show made it to the Top List because it was still very entertaining at best.


#9 KRUSADA (plus a long list of documentaries from ABS-CBN, GMA, GMA NEWS TV and TV 5)



This off-beat show’s just one of the many documentaries that local TV channels produce. Sometimes pleasing, sometimes shocking, documentaries like Krusada have a lot to say that people should listen more and more about.





Probably the best new series that premiered during the fall TV season in the US last year, this musical-drama showcased credible story, good acting from the cast and great music, both original and covers.




Fortunately, this bloody TV show has already dared to face the inevitable: Debra finally knowing Dexter’s true identity as a serial killer. Amidst the sort-of chaos this situation has brought the siblings, Dexter still found time to fall in love while LaGuerta’s closing in on pointing him as the real Bay Harbor Butcher.



Modern Family

The second best comedy series during the past year was the great family-centered TV show called Modern Family. Even though the screenplay is not at par with the previous seasons, several episodes during this season were some of the show’s all-time funniest.



The Voice 2012

This reality TV competition show took the best reality TV show title from American Idol. Definitely entertaining from its Audition Rounds to Live Shows (plus the brilliant addition of Steal), The Voice didn’t suffer from its major competitor’s theme of the week format. The contestants didn’t have to sing songs that were out of their league and they’re not forced to perform songs from the ‘60s or ‘70s. The strength of the show also lied on the great chemistry of its four coaches: Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton.



The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Poster Art - Frank Ockenfels/AMC


This show is easily a shoo-in to lists like this. Major twists and turns in its story almost always happen in each new episode. You’d know its writers do not compromise when they don’t hesitate to kill major characters in the show. That’s to think that the third season isn’t over yet!



 Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of the funnies comedy shows on TV. Now on its sixth season, it still does not fail to bring lots of laugh-out loud moments with each new episode. Very smart writing plus perfect casting make this as my top comedy for 2012.




The first half of the last season of this show brought nothing but brilliance. The tension the series brought with each new episode was very high you’d think it won’t ever be in the same level of intensity again. But you’d think again because it definitely can. Great cast, great plot, great cinematography, great directing- this series almost has it all.




No TV show has been more compelling and exciting than American Horror Story. Returning in its second season, AHS tackled a variety of big subjects this season: mental institutions, alien abductions and even the Catholic Church. These subjects (and more) seemed incompatible but the show has certainly made it work. Great writing, brilliant editing and directing and perfect casting still make this show the best series in 2012.