Ender’s Game

Ender's_Game_posterA fantastic take on a fictional war against aliens, Ender’s Game mostly satisfies with its compelling cast, amazing stunts and stunning visuals.

I haven’t read the book by Orson Scott Card from which this movie is based so I have no idea what it was about. Science-fiction movies do not really attract me in a way that would make me want to watch them as soon as I can, that is why I wasn’t that giddy before watching Ender’s Game unlike when I was about to watch, let’s say, an action or a horror film. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised while watching the movie. It got me hooked right from the start and the interest I had with it stayed until the end.

In the near future, a technically advanced Earth has been gearing its engines to destroy aliens that have previously attacked. The U.S. government hires children to enter Battle School and uses them in the operation to destroy the aliens for good. Ender, a young cadet, shows promise with his great strategical thinking and the government hopes he is the one they have been waiting for all along. His adventure and rise from Battle School towards the International Fleet make up for a great story that is Ender’s Game.

The whole cast is compelling on each of their roles. Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggin is very good in showing off a brave, smart and determined youth touted as the hope of the future. Harrison Ford is good as as Colonel Gruff, the chief-in-command in the International Fleet. Meanwhile, Hailey Stanfield made an impression as Ender’s friend and love interest.

The idience womages and visual effects used in the film are so good the auuld be wanting to fly out there in outer space in no time. They are consistently beautiful, satisfying the eyes of everyone watching. These great visuals really complimented a solid writing and good acting from the cast.

My biggest criticism about the movie, though, would be its very fast pace. With movies that have a lot to tell especially if they’re a version of a novel, fast pacing would be something good to do so as not to bore the audience. The director and his writers would have to satisfy the readers of the book while not alienating those who haven’t read it. However, the pacing done in Ender’s Game is too fast for me. There were times that when I was just about to enjoy an elaborate action sequence, a new action sequence would be introduced, making me somewhat dissatisfied and disappointed.

Nevertheless, the movie is still good so watch it still if you can.

Ender’s Game‘s movie rating by the pondering movie fan: 3.5 out of 5